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how to make money doing reviews on amazon sigint is the interception of signals for the purpose of gathering intelligence. it is divided into three sub-disciplines:

  • communications intelligence (comint) which is the interception of communication between people and groups
  • electronic intelligence (elint) which is the intercepting of electronic signals which are not specifically used for communication
  • foreign instrumentation signals intelligence (fisint), which is the collection of signals created by the testing and use of foreign weapons systems.
  • the origins of sigint can be traced back to the first world war when british forces began intercepting german radio communications to gain intelligence about their plans.

    this led to the use of cryptography to conceal the content of radio transmissions, and as such, cryptanalysis became an integral part of sigint as well.


    as technology has advanced, so has the field of sigint. today, the us military gathers signals intelligence through unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) like the global hawk and reaper drones, which are equipped with powerful infrared sensors and cameras, as well as light and imaging detection (lidar) and synthetic aperture radar systems to gather and transmit back valuable raw intelligence from the operational environment for analysis.

    they are equipped with sensors that can detect enemy radar and even cell phone signals. one downside of uavs is that they fly slower and at lower altitudes than manned aircraft, leaving them more vulnerable to anti-aircraft measures.

    when raw sigint is captured, it must then be translated, interpreted or represented, as the case may be, into information which can then be analyzed and used for decision-making.

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    the term electronic warfare (ew) applies to military action involving the use of the electromagnetic spectrum. the goal of ew is to maximize the ability of friendly forces to access and exploit the spectrum while disrupting and denying the enemy’s ability to do the same. it also encompasses the use of technology to defend against attacks on spectral capabilities and the use of offensive directed energy weapons. examples of ew include radar jamming, communication jamming, and electronic masking, as well as countermeasures against such techniques.

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  • electronic attack (ea), which includes offensive use of directed energy against the enemy
  • electronic protection (ep), which is defensive, like the electronic warfare self-protection (ewsp) suite built into fighter jets
  • electronic warfare support (es), the practice of locating and identifying the sources of electromagnetic energy signals for the purpose of supporting decision-making
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